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      We do share lots of things in our daily life, but some of them are private information. We use mailing system to send these confidential information to receivers inbox.
      We may not need to get forwarded these messages over and over to multiple users. Also, some message need to be deleted after a period of time.
      So, to accomplish this task for self destruction after an single access to data and keeping safe; Oneshar.es come with an tool to provide an Secure data transmission and self-destruction of message. These web tool provides users to share private information either using android phones or by browser.

How it Works:
  • The data that you want to share privately is entered to the input box (1000 Max character).

  • It then encrypts your confidential data and stored in an encrypted format on server. It then provides you the key URL in order to share the information.

  • These URL can be send to receiver by any channel. After accessing the key URL the information is displayed to receiver for the first time.

  • If now an user try to refresh the page with same URL, it says that now URL is expired. Hence, self-destructed.

      So, let me know will you use this new online privacy tool?

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Oneshar.es: Self-Destruct Message after Transmission

  1. Chuck FInley Says:
  2. Well, this is a really cool service. There are others providers that can do the same trick but most of the times you have to copy and paste the link, and then send an email with your real address to inform the recipient about the link. This is not that "secret".

    I have an iPhone and I found an an app that delivers your private messages with self-destruct directly to the recipient without the annoying copy and paste and mail procedure. I am a lawyer and I found it quite useful for a certain type of messages you really need to keep secret.


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